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Shuttle valve switch with seal upgrade kit, Discovery 2 ABS


Remedy most ABS Shuttle Valve Fault codes causing the "tres amigos".  Kit replaces the shuttle valve switches with the genuine WABCO part, plus the (otherwise unavailable) shuttle valve plunger seals, and new type retaining clips!

Our kit addresses modulator brake fluid leaks into the switches ... the cause, not just the symptom. In our workshop we offer an unprecedented two-year warranty, and just fitting the cheaper Rover shuttle valve switch (SVS) kit everyone sells is not adequate.  Hence, our solution: tried and tested. 

More info on Disco 2 "three-amigos":  It literally means the ABS, Traction Control, and Hill Decent warning lights all come on at the same time, sometimes followed by the red "brake" light.  This only happens when a fault occurs which is common to all three systems.  Wet Shuttle Valve Switches are one of the most common causes.  There is another tres-amigos cause to test for (or preemptively re-solder, as we do), while installing this kit:  The instruction information provided with this kit explains how to do this.  There is a circuit board, within the modulator between the shuttle valve switches themselves, and the main harness connector to the modulator.  If intermittent through the modulator board, our kit will not repair that aspect.  The poor connection is generally a cracked solder-joint on the board in the solenoid block, and it must be located and repaired.  Alternatively the whole block can be replaced (Land Rover SWO500040, per TSB LTB00060), as so many are doing these days, with their blinders on, ignoring the obvious brake fluid leaks.  Or you can bypass the old part, noting that the solder joints at the other end of the SVS proboscis also fail ... and would also need to be bypassed or repaired. 

Wheel speed sensors are common to the amigos too.  Again, our kit will not repair the circuit board or speed sensors: it only addresses the normal and most common problem causing the three amber warning lights.

Shuttle valve seals begin to leak brake fluid at around 70k miles, regardless.  No magic -- just a reality -- and the juice falls into the switches. We suggest changing the seals at the 60k and 120k Services.  When the modulator is removed for service, always test the switches and modulator board for continuity too, and repair as necessary.  But remember, this FW66 kit is for trouble codes (11,6; 11,4) or brake fluid loss.  If changing only the seals, and the switches are still good, you will not need this whole kit, click here for seal and clip kit alone.

Do as we do at Falconworks:  Do it once.  Do it right. 

Kit fits all NAS Land Rover Discovery Series II, ROW LR2 (we are told it also fits Hummer with WABCO modulator).  Includes genuine SVS pack, valve seals, valve seal retainers, and instructions. 

Australia customers, please email with your address for correct carriage cost.

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