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Oil Gun, lightweight for flight kit


This bulk-load oil gun holds about 3oz of rocker box grease or oil of your choice.  Intended to carry on board aircraft with manually greased zerks for lubrication in the field, it weighs just 1lb 6oz full (gross weight).  It is specially hand made by us (in the US) and designed to hold oil and not leak all over your airplane or hangar or workshop.

In this tool all the normal places grease guns leak, when used with oil, have nitrile (Buna N) seals:  the magazine plunger is sealed, the pressure piston is sealed, and the nozzle is sealed with an oil-tight entry check valve and a rubber face seal for the grease fitting itself.

Each oil gun comes with a full charge of Jewell Amber Oil and a pull handle for re-loading. Depending on the nozzle, wrenches may or may not be included.  Fits all standard Alemite-type grease and oil fitttings.

Many have been asking where they can buy such a thing, and we say "they don't make them any more".  They ask why we don't make them and we say it would cost too much and nobody would buy them. They say that's for them to decide, and true it is, so here you have it!  Sorry we can't make 'em for less. We fab them on demand, so shipment is typically a week after the order is placaed.

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  • Model: FW70
  • Manufactured by: Falconworks

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