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You can stop searching and get the car fixed now!  Do it without buying expensive parts you probably don't need, and may barely understand.  Buy this plain-English book written by a longtime Land Rover mechanic, and finally be free to leave the forums' infinite anecdotal stories behind.  Fact is power: empower your mechanic, even if that's you!

Whether trying to get your Range Rover brakes repaired by a joe's garage, doing it yourself, or just want to understand what's really going on, this fun guidebook is for you. The 8th edition is loaded good information on fixing Range Rover power brake problems!! It covers all the brake systems fitted to all Range Rovers from 1990 through 2002 ("RRC" or Classic, and P38 models) in plain clear language, useful to the owner and the repair shop alike.

Enables driver's-seat recognition and diagnostics of most brake system and ABS faults, present and impending, by explaining the whole system, putting it in context, and making it simple. AND, if you have bought our book and still can't sort out some aspect, please call and we will have a technician help you through the repair.

"What do all these warning lights really mean? My pump runs, can it be bad? Is there an easy test for the pump? Does the pump only work the ABS? Do I have a relay problem? Bad fuse box? How do I test the pressure switch? Why does it have five wires? How do you bleed Range Rover brakes? Really?? What happens when my accumulator is bad? Why won't the rear wheels bleed? What is 'traction control'? My mechanic says I need a new master cylinder, and it's expensive! -- can I prove he's right -- or wrong? Where is the master cylinder anyhow?? What does Range Rover ABS really do, and why do I need it??? All those questions answered in meaningful context.

Range Rover brake system information here is all the supplemental instruction needed to make repair manuals -- factory manuals or others -- make any sense. It includes warning lights, do-it-yourself tests, symptoms and what they indicate, all brake bleed procedures, and all typical faults. In addition to details, this book starts with basics, like: What is ABS? and, How do car brakes work? These background discussions of the evolution of automotive brakes through the development of anti-skid-systems, and the real world problems they seek to solve, are used to put Range Rover's unique system in perfect perspective. This approach leaves even the novice reader content with a clear comprehension of "how Range Rover brakes work".

Terminology, component locations, testing, and purpose are all explained, including the pump, hydraulic booster unit, pressure switch, ABS relay, and accumulator. Even some Land Rover dealership mechanics use this book: But for the DIY mechanic, the independent garage, and the Rover owner this book was written. Some say they even enjoyed learning about Range Rover brakes, when made simple in Getting Comfortable with WABCO ABS brakes, Range Rover 1990 to 2002. No special tools required!

NOTE: If you have an older edition and would like to upgrade, please login to the site and drop us a note. We'll gladly email a new copy to you for free!!  This edition has complete new testing sections.

Download 'Getting Comfortable' here in an easily printable universal (Adobe pdf) format. Download becomes available during checkout as soon as payment is confirmed: no further steps, logins, codes, etc. are required. Book is 34 full-format fun and easy pages; illustrated; English; Eighth Edition, September 2017; copyright 2008. Enjoy!

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