TEST ABS pump, accumulator, and switch, Range Rover, all

  • Model: fw101
  • Manufactured by: Falconworks

Stuck on your diagnosis?  We can bench-test your Range Rover ABS brake pump, accumulator, and pressure switch. You can call first, or just send them in with a note with your contact info:  we will call to confirm, and only then run the tests.

When shipping to us, please include your daytime phone number, and return shipping address.  We will call you before doing anything to the unit. 

If the pump requires repair, and if you decide to have us perform the work, the bench-test charges are included, and so essentially become free! (This does not apply to failed pressure switches or accumulators, just pumps).

Alternatively, we can bench-test the following separate parts:

  • Pump only
  • Accumulator only, only Range Rover P38 type (1995 to 2002)
  • Pressure switch only
  • Pump, pressure switch, accumulator assembly, Classic type (1990 to 1995, with steel braided hose and remote-mounted accumulator in the fender)

WABCO power brake pump testing applies to all Range Rover models, 1990 to 2002.  We endeour to do tests within one business day after your approval.

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