ABS brake Pump, rebuilt, outright, Range Rover Classic

  • Model: STC885/KR
  • Manufactured by: Falconworks

Brake pump for Classic (black power connector) up to VIN PA632718 Range Rover only, sold on an exchange basis.  Warranty is for one year and requires the purchase and fitment of an ABS relay.  Warranty does NOT cover "meltdown" which is the result of running continuously, since this results from another cause, never the pump.

If we are out of stock, send in your old one, black or white connector. This often costs less than the ready-made pump price here, if your old one is less damaged than the average unit.

Unit does NOT include  mounts, or pressure switch.  Fits all 1990 to about 1993 'new' Range Rover.  If unsure of the fault, send in your pump with switch and accumulator with pressure hose, and we can bench-test the setup for you for $59. If the pump needs repair, and you approve our estimate, the test becomes free.

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