ABS brake modulator, Discovery 2, refurbished, exchange

  • Model: SRB101241
  • Manufactured by: Falconworks


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Actual price is $399.50, but includes REFUNDABLE CORE CHARGE of $300. Now available are a limited number of these Land Rover Discovery II Wabco ABS brake modulators, repaired to prevent further shuttle valve switch codes.  The shuttle valve switches within are often the cause of the "tres amigos" warning lights (if wheel speed sensor faults are good).

We've installed new genuine shuttle valve switches, and our unique (fw65) seal and clip kits on the shuttle valves themselves.  We've also removed the SVS circuit board from the solenoid block and bypassed it with copper wires, similar in concept, but much tidier than an external harness overlay.

We've found this modulator repair approach to be far preferable to throwing a costly new solenoid block and new switches at it, and not even re-sealing and repairing the shuttle valves themselves, like everyone else seems to be doing. And much more reliable than fitting a used modulator -- Our unit is not rebuilt in any other regard than Land Rover codes 11,4 and 11,6: shuttle valve switch electrical or mechanical failure codes, but those are eradicated for at least the next 70k miles.

Please be aware that if your old unit has external or internal corrosion, damaged threads, damage to the body, pump faults, solenoid faults, missing ID tags, or is received with dirty fluid in it, or without plugs in all the fluid-holes, or other defect (other than shuttle valve switch faults) YOUR CORE CHARGE MIGHT NOT BE REFUNDED.

Also please note that Testbook or Autologic computer will be required to bleed the brakes when you have finished exchanging the modulator assembly.  Unfortunately this cannot be done adequately otherwise.  Warranted for 1 year against shuttle valve mechanical or electrical faults within the part.

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