Ambient air temperature sensor

  • Model: JTC100040
  • Manufactured by: Land Rover


Sold Out
Outside air temp sensor for Range Rover P38a with the sensor fitted on a bracket behind the front bumper (left side).  Early vehicles (95 through sometime in 98) used a sensor in the left pollen filter box, but many were retrofitted by the Factory Service Bulletin with a kit to move them up front.  This is the new type part.  If up front, by retrofit or originally, this is it.

If the climate control system thinks the outside air temperature is too low, it will not add enough cold air and the AC will blow warm.  Similarly, if the system thinks the outside air temperature is too high, the heater will blow too cool.  The reading on the climate screen results from the output of this sensor, so you can easily tell just what input the climate computer is getting, and compare that to reality.

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