Brake Pressure Switch, ABS, Range Rover, GENUINE

  • Model: fw4560/N
  • Manufactured by: ATE

Sold Out

Correct NEW GENUINE brake pressure switch specifically for Range Rover brake pumps, only models made1990 through 2002.  Genuine original German-made switch.

No Longer Supplied, it seems ...

The Range Rover brake hydraulic pressure switch controls the (WABCO system) ABS power brake hydraulic pump. When the ABS brake pressure is low, there will be a low pressure warning light and no power brakes.  The switch screws into the side of the brake pump and is either green or plain aluminum color with a five-pin Bosch style electrical connector. 

If unsure whether the switch is at fault, we can test your old one, or you can buy our complete Range Rover brake system test and information guide and test it yourself.

Fits all Land Rover Range Rover models,1990 through 2002.  One year warranty.

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