Vehicle Speed Sensor, D1

  • Model: YBE100540
  • Manufactured by: Land Rover


Sold Out
Vehicle speed transducer for all Land Rover Discovery 1, Range Rover Classic 1995, and Defender 90 in 1997. In failure the speedometer works fine, but engine management sometimes thinks you're going too fast (over 106mph) and shuts down intermittent cylinders to slow you down.  You feel it happen.  The GEMS computer is not bright enough to know it caused the 'misfires' itself, and misfire codes are set, and the "service engine soon" light is illuminated.  This sensor sends the signal that operates the speedometer, odometer, cruise control, and GEMS engine management. Fitted to the outside if the transfer box it is easily changed in a few minutes. Genuine part, supersedes AMR1253.

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