ABS pump repair, Range Rover, all

  • Model: fw100
  • Manufactured by: Falconworks

We can repair most Range Rover ABS brake pumps, 1990 to 2002, including those junky Chinese repro motors recently being flogged online.  Pricing depends on the condition of your old pump. We don't have available ready-to-go exchange pumps any longer, but is often cheaper to send in your old one than to buy an exchange-unit anyway. 

Non-running open-circuit pumps usually run twice as much to repair as leaking or weak pumps. So if you have the luxury of time, it might well be cheaper to send in your old Range Rover brake pump than to buy another one.

This work does not include pressure switch or accumulator:  just the pump.  If unsure what this means to you, please please read The Book,  Or see our page link below.

Still unsure what's wrong with your truck's system? We can bench-test your pump, accumulator, and pressure switch, if you like.  Send them in, and the cost for all three tests will be $59. 

When shipping to us, please include your daytime phone number, return shipping address, and the system's symptoms (if known) along with your ABS pump. Also let us know what you want: pump refurbish or bench test. 

We will inspect and if requested, bench-test, and call you with prognosis the day it arrives. Please include with it the accumulator and switch if you like, so we can test these for you too (same $59 price, all three parts).  If the pump requires repair, and you approve the work, the bench-tests are included, and so essentially become free.

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