ABS Modulator repair kit & complete instructions, Discovery 2

  • Model: fw66
  • Manufactured by: Falconworks


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No need to buy the $700+ SWO500040 kit to permanently remedy ABS Shuttle Valve Switch fault codes causing the "tres amigos" warning lights.  This Complete Kit includes complete photo-narrative instructions, genuine WABCO switch pack, but also has new type valve retaining clips and shuttle valve seals the 'other' kit does not have.

The  instructions detail how to replace the seals on the shuttle valves, how to internally bypass the known solenoid block (SWO500040) faults; We also list all the tools that you will need before you begin! Follow the instructions and install this kit and the job will be done, with no further modulator research or repairs.  Fits Land Rover Discovery II, Defender with ABS (Note: this kit will not fit repacement modulators with three purple seals on the shuttle valves).

This kit includes direct replacements for the original hydraulic seals and addresses modulator brake fluid leaks into the switches ... the cause, not just the symptom. The fluid leaks will usually not drip on the ground, but can clearly be seen once the switches are removed. 

In our workshop we offer an unprecedented two-year warranty, and the included instructions are the procedure we use as we repair a real Discovery modulator: the professional solution: tried and tested over a decade now.

More info on Disco 2 "three-amigos":  It literally means the ABS, Traction Control, and Hill Decent warning lights all come on at the same time, sometimes followed by the red "brake" light.  This only happens when a fault occurs which is common to all three systems.  Wet Modulator Shuttle Valve Switches (SVS) and cracked internal solder joints are the common causes, followed by Wheel Speed Sensor failures.. 

One of the Usual Suspects (a Rover mail-order vendor) is flogging just the switches claiming a "99% success rate" at  repairing the three warning lamps. That is fake news.  Inside the modulator there are two other major causes of the three warning lights which will not be addressed by installing new switches:  For this reason we now include detailed step-by-step explanation and photos of ...

  • changing the shuttle valve seals
  • replacing the shuttle valve switches
  • bypassing the critical circuit board faults in a professional way

For the latter item,  an ugly external overlay can be made alternatively, or the whole solenoid block can be replaced (Land Rover SWO500040, per TSB LTB00060), as many are doing, but the brake fluid leaks are STILL not addressed by those repairs. 

Shuttle valve seals begin to leak brake fluid at around 70k miles, regardless.  No magic -- just a reality -- and the juice falls downward, which is into the switches. We suggest changing the seals at the 60k,120k, 180k Services.  This FW66 Complete Kit is for trouble codes (11,6; 11,4) for SVS.  If changing only the seals, and there are no DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes), you will not need this complete kit, just get the seal and upgraded clip kit alone.

Kit fits all NAS Land Rover Discovery Series II, ROW LR2 (we are told it also fits Hummer with WABCO modulator!) with original type modulator.  Includes genuine SVS pack, valve seals, upgraded valve seal retainers, and complete instructions which will be emailed at time of shipment as a 5mb .pdf file. 

Note that the brakes will need to be bled after installation of shuttle valve seals, and this will require a Land Rover-specific diagnostic computer.  For DIY Disco owners here are some computer interface options to consider.

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