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Model: fw3
Manufacturer: Falconworks

Price: $95.00

Snap-in metal replacement for original key battery cover.  Fits Range Rover switchblade-key with remote handset built it, all from 1995 (except ... more info
EAS valve block seal kit, Range Rover '95 to '02


Model: FW61
Manufacturer: Falconworks

Price: $89.95

Range Rover air suspension valve block (valve body) leaks wear out compressors, but can be repaired by replacing the seals inside, and resurfacing a ... more info
Door lock rod, Discovery 2 - Upgraded part


Model: FW86
Manufacturer: Falconworks

Price: $89.50

Rod from driver's door key lock cylinder to operate the door lock actuator.  Better design and correct material. Tested. Not just a steel ... more info

Model: ANR4652
Manufacturer: Land Rover

Price: $89.48

EAS Delay relay fits Range Rover 1995 to 2002.  When in fault it causes EAS ECU to fail to 'talk' to diagnostic computer, or cuts power to air ... more info
Land Rover Wheel pattern adaptors, 5 on 4.5", spacers


Model: wheel_adaptors
Price: $85.00

These wheel adapters allow the use of standard wheels on your Land Rover.  The bolt pattern for the new wheel is 5 studs on a 4.5" diameter or ... more info

Model: ERR2266/be
Manufacturer: Aftermarket

Price: $79.95

New fan clutch (viscous coupling) for 300Tdi.  Very good quality part made in UK.  Fits Defender, Range Rover Classic and Discovery with ... more info
Triumph Stag chrome flash for hardtop


Model: 813831-813-832
Price: $79.95

New old stock (NOS) pair of genuine chrome flash badges for Triumph Stag removable hardtop.  These are not refurbished ones, and have never been ... more info
Differential seal upgrade kit, P38a


Model: STC3124
Manufacturer: Land Rover

Price: $79.81

Pinion oil seal leaks are repaired best by using this genuine Land Rover upgraded seal and flange combination kit. Fits all P38a Range Rovers, front ... more info
Brush holder, ABS brake pump, all Range Rover


Model: FW37
Manufacturer: Falconworks

Price: $79.30

Fits all Range Rover brake pumps for all models, 1990 through 2002. New brush holder for ABS brake pump motor repair. When the old brush-holder was ... more info

Model: JTC100040
Manufacturer: Land Rover

Price: $79.12

Outside air temp sensor for Range Rover P38a with the sensor fitted on a bracket behind the front bumper (left side).  Early vehicles (95 through ... more info
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