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Model: ERQ500180/90PMA
Manufacturer: Land Rover

Price: $24.78

These factory Land Rover rear speaker mounts are for Defender with angled shelf at rear (see photo of right hand side enclosure). Mounted right in ... more info

Model: LHF-D1
Manufacturer: Land Rover

Price: $24.75

OK used left hand (driver's) turn signal lamp for Discovery 1 ('93 to early '99). Has a bulb-holder, but reflector is a little corroded from water, ... more info
Electrical connector, multiplug 3-pin, replacement

Molex-type electrical connector block with original equipment high quality solder-on terminals.  Terminals are plated brass or solid brass.  This ... more info

Model: RHT-D1
Price: $22.00

Red and Red tail lamp for the passenger's side of Land Rover Discovery I. It has all the bulb holders, but they may or may not be so good - you never ... more info
ABS Pump Relay


Model: PRC9603
Price: $21.95

ABS Pump relay for Classics.  Fits the relay holders beside the driver's seat.  Should be changed about every 100k miles to prevent the risk of the ... more info
AeroShell Super 33 ultimate grease

Min:  10 Units:  10

Model: FW 76
Manufacturer: Shell

Price: $21.89

Aeroshell Super 33 is the premier airframe grease. There is no better. Also suitable as a repacement for (now unavailable) Girling brake mechanical ... more info
EAS thermal breaker


Model: fw56
Manufacturer: Aftermarket

Price: $21.12

Thermal breaker for Range Rover EAS compressor (orange wire).  NOT the original part.  Can be installed inside the pump in place of the original ... more info
Cover Plate, D2 front bumper


Model: STC4351
Manufacturer: Land Rover

Price: $21.05

Cover for access hole in front valence of Land Rover Discovery II for towing hook. Includes the fastener and its female receptacle.
Ball joint, rear axle, Classic


Model: 575882
Manufacturer: Aftermarket

Price: $19.95

Joint for bottom of self-leveling unit, Range Rover Classics. This can make one hell of a nasty clunk when worn. NOS, Allmakes brand.
EAS Air Compressor Pump Piston Seal


Model: fw55
Manufacturer: Falconworks

Price: $19.95

Cheaply Repair your (Range Rover '93 to '02) Air Suspension compressor with this new piston seal, instead of replacing the whole compressor. ... more info
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