ABS Shuttle valve seal & upgrade clip kit, Discovery 2

  • Model: fw65
  • Manufactured by: Falconworks


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Free Shipping.  New hydraulic seals to repair leaky ABS brake modulator shuttle valves for Land Rover (found in the bottom of the brake modulator, Land Rover Disco II and Defender). Note: this kit is NOT intended to repair shuttle valve electrical failure codes/faults; for those SVS faults please use the complete repair kit.

Land Rover Discovery 2 shuttle valve seals for the ABS modulator (Wabco) last about 70k miles.  When they wear out they leak brake fluid down into the shuttle valve switches. If the seals are changed at that interval the shuttle valve switches will not usually be damaged. Damage can result in fault codes -- the "tres amigos" -- that can be set by the ABS computer. 

(Tres Amigos means the Hill-Decent, ABS, and Traction Control warning lights all come on together, disabling those systems.  Each time the key is cycled off and back on the systems do a self-check, and if all is OK it turns back on (lights off) until a fault is again perceived.  The only items common to all three lights are: shuttle valve switches, the wheel speed sensors, and the "SLABS" computer or control unit -- AKA: the "ECU" or "ECM"). 

This kit comprises new SVS seals (NOT "O" rings), and the new type retainers (the old type do break), and is useful for preventative maintenance.  New switches are not included here: If a DTC ("diagnostic trouble code", or "fault code") for shuttle valves (Land Rover numbers11,4 or 11,6) has already been triggered, the complete FW66 kit with switches will be needed: it is too late for just these seals for leaking brake fluid.

Kit includes: 2 new hydraulic shuttle valve plunger seals, 4 upgraded retaining clips, and instructions. Please note that you will need to bleed the brake system after installation, and that a Land Rover-specific computer will be required.  For DIY Land Rover owners here are some computer interface options for all models

Fits all Disco 2, some Defenders and Hummers with original type modulators.  If servicing a replacement modulator that uses a sleeve to house each shuttle valve, identified by three purple seals on each sleeve, this kit will not work:  Please call for seals for these repacement units.


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